The Easy Trick to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

The Easy Trick to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

You’ve recently purchased a pair of shoes and can’t wait to break them out of their box, but are blisters inevitable? Not necessarily. It turns out there’s a simple way to avoid the pain a new pair of heels often leads to. The solution involves stretching your shoes.

There’s a little bit of a science to it, though. Read on for our top tips for stretching shoes and how to make sure your new heels won’t hurt your feet.

Wear them at home.

An easy way to break in new heels is to wear them around the house. Your shoes will slowly adjust, and you can take them off as soon as they start bothering you.

Put on thick socks.

By stepping into some thick socks before wearing your shoes, you can gently stretch them. Keep wearing them until your shoes have loosened enough.

Use a shoe stretcher.

Leave a shoe stretcher inside your shoes for up to a few days. Check them daily to see if they’re adjusted to the right fit.

Seek out a professional.

Take your shoes to a cobbler to have them professionally stretched. They have leather solutions and industrial machines that can get the job done. If you’ve invested in an expensive pair of shoes, you might want to entrust the experts.

Source: Who What Wear

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